Our Capabilities and Advantages

Finding and Locating Parts
  • We have the ability to locate obsolesce computer parts (CPTS parts), by the part number, and advise also replacement in case of unavailable part. 
  • We have resources in the east (Taiwan, South Korea, China, Honk-Kong), Europe (Austria, Germany, France, UK, Denmark, Czech…) Canada and USA . 
  • We can provide an engineering solution in case of unavailable part. 

Quick Response
  • We respond within 2 working days with results.
  • We do not required any PO (Purchase Order) to start our process, just send detailed email, preferred with pictures. No Obligations!
  • We handle each requirement the same no matter the value of the PO.

Tracking leads for long time
  • We receive requirements and trying to find and locate parts.
  • We send and track periodicity the different markets till the parts appear.
  • we have experience with parts that found 12 months after receiving requirements (PC/104 RTD CMC16686GX300HR-128).
  • We have the engineering capabilities to build up setups for testing Computer / Controller Parts.
  • All parts - 100% are tested.
  • We supply with each part Acceptance Test Results (ATR).
  • We are NOT supplying any parts without previously testing it before shipping it to our customers.
  • We give 12 months standard warranty.
  • We generally support our customers with spares during the warranty period.

We are specialized with:
  • Obsolete (Hard to find) Computer Parts
  • Old (legacy) hard to find computer systems
  • Obsolete computer , controller, electronic, RF components